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 ATTENTION:Moderator Position Open

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PostSubject: ATTENTION:Moderator Position Open   Sat Sep 04, 2010 3:57 pm

As a moderator you must enforce the rules of this site. Any Topics or posts that break the rules should be acted on accordingly.

Your job is to also keep the site clean and spam free. It is also asked that you search the web and put up any Arkham City news and updates on the site. My goal is for this site to be a #1 site for people to find information on Arkham City. Moderators can help with that.

This will require searching the following sites for info:
-GameInformer HUB:http://gameinformer.com/p/arkham2.aspx#

Details on using the site and info will be given out with the moderator position.

To apply to be a moderator PM me with the following message:
Why you should pick me: [A brief summary on why you should be the moderator on the site, reference to past moderator work is welcome]

Thats it!

The position will be given out as soon as possible, so anyone who wishes to apply for moderator, please send in those PM's as soon as you can.
I will let everyone know who has filled the position when they are chosen.
Also when your a moderator your name shows as Green
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ATTENTION:Moderator Position Open
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